Written by a commodity broker/ former Ken Roberts course counselor


This course was originally written and marketed in 1983, then it was updated in 1998.  This course includes a  280 page manual, a commodity paper trading video, audiocassettes, 1 set of futures charts, a 3-month subscription to Ken Roberts newsletter and weekly alert line.

The first half of the course teaches some of the basics about the futures market.  It goes over commodity terms, market price fluctuations, historical and fundamental reasons for "open market out-cry", and which part speculators play in stabilizing the commodity markets.  

The second half of Ken Roberts course covers "his" technical trading strategies, and how you can profit by trading in the commodity markets.  I put the term "his" in quotation marks because,  both commodity chart indicators that Ken Roberts teaches about have been used for decades in the stock market.  Ken Just applied them to the commodity markets.  Even though these technical indicators were not designed specifically for the futures market, they are based on support and resistance, which most proven technical indicators use.  What Ken Roberts did do , which few people have, is present it in a way than the beginning commodity trader can understand.  You don't have to have a bachelors of science degree in economics to be a profitable investor in the commodity markets.

In my professional opinion,  his commodity course does have a few short comings.  First, Ken Roberts fails to explain the most crucial side of trading futures, money management. Second, He is very clear on how to enter a market, but doesn't discuss what to do once you are in the market...when to move protective exit orders, or profit objection orders.  Which is unfortunate, because one of the biggest mistakes I see new traders make is not having a "complete" trading plan prior to entering the market.  As with any trading strategy or system, it is critical to paper-trading and develop you own style based on comfort level, knowledge, and finances.

Overall Ken's course is a good intro into the markets.  It breaks the market down into very simple terms, and fives you two technically sound indicators.  The program has good support through his course counseling department.  There is non charge for the course counseling service, but the call is not a toll-free number.  

Through the thousands of Ken Roberts students that I have come in contact with (being a course counselor with the Ken Roberts Company, and a commodity broker) the results of his system vary.  As with most written material, when 10 people read it, there will be 10 different interpretations.  

I have found with futures and in life " the more you practice, the better you'll be".  Remember to paper-trade.  It's better to find out trading commodities is not for you before you invest your money.

Nicole Whitcomb

There is a risk of loss trading futures.  Past performance in not indicative of futures results.